Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Syndrome is a very common ailment that can cause serious discomfort. Untreated, it can lead to blurred vision, inflammation, and irritation of the anterior tissue of the eye. The medical term is Keratitis Sicca, which means a decrease in the quality or quantity of tears. Another medical term for dryness of both the cornea and the conjunctiva is Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca.

Paradoxically, we often find that patients suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome experience watery eyes. This may be caused by the surface of the eye being so dry it overstimulates production of the watery component of tears as a reaction, or it may be that the eyelids are failing to produce enough oil to hold the tears onto the cornea.

Dry Eye Syndrome is very common, and can be due to environmental factors or health-related issues such as:

  • eyelid infection or blepharitis
  • smoking
  • lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, ocular rosacea
  • menopause
  • humidity or HVAC (heating and air conditioning) at home or at work
  • contact lenses (where dry eyes are often masked by drops and solutions)
  • cosmedic eye surgery, if the eyelids have incomplete closure due to removal of skin and tissue.
  • LASIK surgery to correct vision
  • age — it is very common for both men and women to suffer from dry eyes after the age of 40

Treatment for Dry Eyes and Dry Eye Syndrome

At Oak Bay Optometry, we have developed protocols to effectively pinpoint the causes of dry eyes and to treat them. We may recommend a prescription eye drop, a lid hygiene treatment in the clinic, or at-home treatments like hot compresses, using a humidifier, or taking omega-3 supplements.

We carry only the highest quality preservative-free eye drops to provide relief from dry eye symptoms, and we also offer the Bruder Eye Compress, and the TheraPearl Eye Mask from Bausch + Lomb