Light Sensitivity & Migraine Management Eyewear

Beyond your regular prescription there are options available for helping manage a variety of different conditions. One of these is migraine and light sensitivity management. We carry Axon Optics lens which are clinically proven to reduce migraine attacks:

“Over 90% of migraine sufferers also experience hypersensitivity to light, or photophobia. If you suffer from migraine, photophobia could be triggering or exacerbating your condition. Light sensitivity eyewear from Axon Optics is clinically proven to reduce migraine attacks by filtering out the light most likely to trigger photophobia symptoms. Unlike sunglasses that filter all types of light and may cause your eyes to become even more sensitive, Axon Optics eyewear filters only the painful light. This makes them safe to wear all day, every day. Visit our office to learn more about Axon Optics eyewear and contacts for light sensitivity, and how they could help you experience fewer migraine attacks.”

We also carry anxiety management lens, which can help reduce the severity and onset of anxiety symptoms. Talk to your optometrist or optician for more information!