Warranty Information – Eyewear, Frames & Lenses

At Oak Bay Optometry, we are here to help you with your vision needs AND to make sure you have a reliable product that lasts.

Frames – We offer a two year (temple to temple) warranty on any manufacturing defects on most of our frames. We also offer adjustments and temple tip replacement at no charge for the life of your glasses. Feel free to stop by anytime!

Lenses – Most of our anti-reflective lenses have a two year warranty against scratches occurring during normal wear.

Non-Adaption – we offer a six week non-adaptation policy to lens style and prescription. Your lenses should help you to perform the visual tasks for which they were designed. If they don’t, we’ll work with you to find a lens/prescription solution that does. You will not be stuck with glasses that do not work for you!

Care of Spectacle Lenses – To thoroughly clean your lenses, first rinse them with warm water to remove any grit which could scratch the lens. Next, use warm soapy water and a cotton cloth to clean the lenses. Rinse with warm water again and dry with a cotton cloth. Paper towels or tissues are wood products and can scratch lenses. In between thorough cleanings, use the lens cleaner and towel that we provide for touch ups.