For a wide variety of people, from schoolkids to seniors, contact lenses are a great option. Feel free to ask about contact lenses for occasional, full-time, or overnight use; colored contact lenses; multifocal contact lenses; and even transition contact lenses. We keep up to date with new technology and will know which type of lens shape and material is best for your eye health and visual needs.

We can also advise you on how to use contact lenses safely, appropriately, and effectively. Read more about our contact lens examinations.

Did You Know?

  • Advertising and marketing can create the perception that contact lenses are just another commodity.
  • Contact lenses are medical devices.
  • Poorly-fitting contact lenses can harm your eyes.
  • Even after a successful fitting has been obtained, your eye health, eye shape, and prescription can change, often without symptoms.
  • Ongoing eye health follow-up care gives you the best chance for long-term success with contact lenses.

Purchasing contact lenses at Oak Bay Optometry:

  • Great service and instruction from our staff.
  • Contact lens cleaning solutions.
  • The doctor’s time and professional skill.
  • Free contact lens follow-ups for 60 days after your exam.
  • No-charge exchanges of unopened lenses if your prescription changes.
  • Great rebates on most lenses and solutions when you purchase a 1-year supply.