What does an optometrist do?

Your optometrist is your primary healthcare provider regarding your eye health and wellness. In Canada, they’re the eye-care professional responsible for testing your visual acuity and prescribing corrective eyewear such as glasses and contact lenses. According to the BC Doctors of Optometry, your optometrist will: – Provide an optometric eye exam – Examine, assess, measure, […]

Ask yourself, “How are my eyes?”

Take a moment to ask yourself, “How are my eyes?”. How are they feeling? Do you experience eye pain or fatigue? Sensitivity to light? Dry or itchy eyes? Does your family have a history of eye disease? Now ask yourself, “How is my vision?”. Do you experience blurry vision or problems focusing? Maybe the small […]

FAQ: Ordering Contact Lenses Online

Did you know you can order contact lenses directly from Oak Bay Optometry without even visiting the clinic? It’s as easy as clicking below, answering four questions, and hitting Submit. ORDER CONTACT LENSES HERE   FAQ   What about pricing? We will discuss prices, including potential rebates, when we contact you to confirm your order. […]

Choosing Frames & Lenses

Properly customized spectacles are more than just a frame, lenses, and a couple of screws. At Oak Bay Optometry, our optometrists determine a prescription and our eyewear stylists use their training and expertise to ensure that you get the best type of frame, lenses, and options for your lifestyle and visual needs. Have you ever […]

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in Canada. It is something that we monitor for in every full eye health examination, as early detection is key to preventing vision loss. A full eye-health exam will catch signs of the condition, so we can help minimize the loss of vision associated with glaucoma, […]