Etnia Barcelona: Handmade Eyewear That Won’t Go Unnoticed

Etnia Barcelona is an eyewear brand with a colourful history. When the first collection was launched in 2001, it revolutionized the way frames were designed by injecting them with an array of colours. Since then, the brand and collection have grown to become synonymous with creativity and high-quality, all while remaining an independent company.

Continue reading to learn more about how three generations of expertise have helped build Etnia Barcelona into the brand it is today.


Etnia Barcelona


David Pellicer, founder and CEO of Etnia Barcelona, started the company in 2001, but that wasn’t his first foray into designing, manufacturing, and distributing glasses. He was first introduced to the process by his grandfather, Fulgencio Ramo, who worked at a sunglasses factory in Barcelona until he was able to start his own factory in the 50’s.

Etnia Barcelona

It was decades later, with two generations of values, hard work, and knowledge built into his grandfather’s brand, when David began working at the factory. Fresh-faced and eager to start something new, David launched his first collection full of unexpected and never before seen color combinations. And thus Etnia Barcelona was born. To this day, the company remains independently run, therefore they remain in control of the entire process from design and manufacturing to distribution.



What has set Etnia Barcelona apart from the beginning is their exploration and revolutionization of color in eyewear. Etnia Barcelona revolves around color. They are a  pioneer in color development and work tirelessly to create new and exciting colors for each collection. Trends from fashion, art, culture, photography, and architecture are used to produce new color palettes for each collection.

“At Etnia Barcelona we craft our story through our work with the legends of the world of art and photography.”

Inspiration drawn from and collaborations with artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yves Klein, David Hockney, and Adam Hale fuel Entia Barcelona’s creativity. You can see this infused throughout their design and story-telling.



Etnia Barcelona teams up with the best European partners to ensure the highest quality materials are used for their eyewear. The most notable materials used include natural acetate, used for frames, and pure mineral glass, used for sunglass lenses.

Natural acetate is a material made from cotton and it is known for its comfort and malleability. This allows for a breathable frame that will, over time, better adapt to the unique characteristics of your face.

Etnia sunglass lenses are made with pure mineral crystal. These lenses offer the best colour experience and clearer vision compared to basic plastic lenses. Other features include polarized lenses, which block troublesome glare, photochromic lenses, which darken when exposed to ultraviolet light, and HD lenses, which help to enhance colour and offer greater resolution.

Visit the Etnia Barcelona website to see what kind of visual experience these lenses offer. Click here.
Pure Mineral Glass



Etnia believes, “everyone has the right to see the world correctly” and thus The Etnia Barcelona Foundation was born. Founded in 2015 with the goal of providing vision care to those who do not have access, The Etnia Barcelona Foundation helps vulnerable families from Barcelona to Mozambique and beyond.

The services they provide include supplying prescription glasses to children and adults in the most precarious parts of the world, creating awareness of eye health programs, conducting humanitarian trips to deliver eyewear and open self-sustaining optical centers in underprivileged countries, in addition to providing scholarship programs for optometrists.

Learn more about The Etnia Barcelona Foundation by clicking here.