Barton Perreira: What sets this eyewear apart from the rest?

Barton Perreira is much loved by customers, staff, and celebrities alike, so what’s all the hype about? We have gathered information on the brand inspiration, the dedication to craftsmanship (check out the video on how they Barton Perreira frames are made by hand in Japan), and the high-quality materials to help showcase what sets them apart from other eyewear brands.  Click below to learn more!


“Design without compromise,” this is the motto of founders Bill Barton and Patty Perreira. With the goal of moving away from licenced products and towards independent manufacturing, the two veteran’s of Oliver Peoples started Barton Perreira in 2007. Since then, the brand has grown to offer some of the most coveted eye wear on the market (and at Oak Bay Optometry). With a focus on timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship, a dedication to quality is at the heart of Barton Perreira.

Designer Patty Perreira appreciates pieces which tell a story and this is reflected in her designs. She is inspired by art, fashion, architecture, and vintage pieces from all eras. Her designs draw from the past yet are recreated in a modern way, resulting in a frame that is both unique and timeless.



We often hear from patient’s how lightweight a Barton Perreira frames feel. This is thanks to a resin based polymer plastic called zylonite, also referred to as acetate. It is tumbled for several days before being hand polished twice to achieve a seamlessly smooth surface. Titanium, a lightweight and durable material, is used for the metal frames. Each frame uses the highest grade Japanese acetate and titanium. In addition, enameled panels and intricate filigree metalwork create a frame that is similar to a piece of fine jewelry.

Let’s talk sunglasses! Barton Perreira offer’s an exclusive range of lens tints ranging from yellow mirror to julep and navy gradient. Each tint is hand-dipped in limited batches. A wide range of lens materials are also available, including mineral glass and premium polarization.




Every Barton Perreira frame is handmade in Japan by highly skilled artisans. The meticulous manufacturing process can take between six to eight weeks and focuses on perfecting every detail. Not unlike a well tailored piece of clothing, your glasses need and should fit perfectly. To accomplish this, all plastic Barton Perreira frames contain a metal core allowing them to be adjusted to the wearer’s face and help them to keep their unique form.