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Sunglasses Edit: The importance of UV protection for kids

Hurray! School is out for summer and that means more fun in the sun! Days spent building sand castles on the beach, playing at the park, and exploring outdoors can lead to prolonged sun exposure. Since kids have no problem playing outside from sunrise to sunset, it is especially important to have proper protection from the suns harmful rays. Learn how UV radiation affects your child’s eyes and how to keep their eyes safe!


Is UV radiation more harmful to children’s eyes?


According to The Vision Council, “a child’s ocular lens cannot effectively filter out UV rays so more radiation reaches the retina.” This means the retina is at greater risk to be damaged, which can have cumulative negative effects. But don’t worry, you don’t need to spend your summer hiding inside. Thankfully, this kind of damage can be prevented. We have listed our top 3 sun safe recommendations below.


3 Steps to Prevent Sun Damage


  1. We now have plenty of cool and UV safe sunglasses available for kids. These options come in a variety of sizes, colours, and with flexible hinges and all plastic options. With all the fun styles to choose from, kids will certainly find a pair they’ll want to wear all the time. (It is most important that the sun lenses have UV 400 protection, learn more by reading our post Not All UV Protection is The Same)
  2. By finding a shaded area, or staying out of the sun completely, during peak hours (10 AM – 2 PM) you will avoid the strongest UVA and UVB rays.
  3. Wearing a full-brimmed hat you can help to block the suns rays from reaching your eyes. And don’t forget, UV rays pass through clouds therefore it is important to keep these steps in mind on cloudy days as well.


Children’s sunglasses options


Charlie Sun is a wonderful option for kids sunglasses. They offer polarized lenses with UV protection, in a stylish frame with flexible 180 degree temples. These frames are available in multiple sizes ranging from ages 1 – 9+ and are designed right next door in Vancouver, BC. Charlie Sun is now available at Oak Bay Optometry.

We can also put a sun lens (prescription and non-prescription) into any children’s frame, including Miraflex frames. Miraflex glasses are flexible & safe with no metal parts. They are BPA-free, latex-free, and hypo-allergenic, making them a great option for kids eyewear. In addition, the Miraflex frames come with an elastic band to keep the frames sitting properly on the face. This is a good option for kids who will be playing sports.


As always, if you have any questions, it is best to come and speak with one of our specialists and Oak Bay Optometry. Stop by anytime to learn more!