One of the benefits of living on this beautiful West Coast, surrounded by our gorgeous coastal waters is the access to fresh seafood! This recipe packs two eye super-foods into one tasty main dish. Pair it with some green leafy vegetables for even more eye health benefits, and a complete nutritious meal!

Now sit down and enjoy your gorgeous dinner, full of all those healthy ingredients! Prevention and staying on top of your health through food and exercise is one of the best ways to help maintain your health. We love being a part of your healthy lifestyle journey!


As a society we spend so much time focusing on screens day through night, and that can greatly impact our eye health! One of the best ways to provide easy protection is to have a blue light anti-glare coating placed on your lenses, which will help protect your retina against harmful damage caused by screens.

What is blue light? Blue light is a natural part of the visible light spectrum, and it accounts for 25% of all sunlight. Blue light has a high amount of energy in each wavelength, and your brain utilizes the natural blue light from the sun to regulate sleep, boost alertness and mood, and contribute to general well-being.  It is also produced by electronic screens and energy efficient light bulbs, which is where we are often overexposed and our eyes are prone to damage, which can have serious long term effects. Too much blue light damages the retina, can cause headaches, eye strain and fatigue, difficulties falling asleep, and can ultimately lead to macular degeneration and loss of sight.

Eyestrain is the most common condition associated with computer use, and it can impact productivity and learning ability. Discomfort in the eyes, blurry vision, neck and back pain as well as headaches after computer or screen use is an indicator that you may be exposing yourself to too much blue light. This exposure and damage is irreversible, which is why it is so good to consider protection!

Blue light also impacts sleep! Exposure to blue light decreases your melatonin production, which is a key hormone in healthy sleep and a healthy lifestyle. Using blue light emitting devices just before bed can cause difficulties falling asleep, poor sleep quality, and fatigue upon waking and poor concentration. Lack of sleep is also linked with more serious conditions, so keep yourself healthy and sleep well! Using a pair of glasses with the blue light anti-glare coating can help you avoid these issues. Even if you do not have a prescription you can still get a pair of glasses and lenses that provide protection while utilizing these devices.

Team Highlight:

Caitlyn LOVES her blue light coating! Prior to having this coating she got migraines quite often, and with this coating the severity and frequency of getting them has dropped. She is now able to spend more time comfortably working and enjoying screen time, without worrying about the strain that is happening to her eyes. It has made a significant difference in her quality of life – how could it impact your quality of life? Talk to us today!

Maintaining your health is so important! We only have one body, and taking care of it can be easy. Healthy food full of nutrients, regular exercise, and a good sleep are three easy ways that you can take charge of your health. Check out this infographic below for some key nutrients that we should be getting daily, and a couple of quick and easy smoothie recipes for healthy eyes!